Dreaming of a Roll-Up Door Headache Rack? You’re Going to Want to See This!

Apr 30, 2021Photos & Videos, Product Tours

In the market for a Roll-Up Door Headache Rack? Here’s some ideas you’ve GOT TO SEE!

On the face of it, the Roll-Up Door Headache Rack doesn’t look all that customizable. However, that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Our standard Roll-Up door Racks come in a fixed width, and the door spans nearly the entire width of each rack. This allows for easy access to the entire contents of the rack, which is a handy convenience feature.

Where the customization comes in is when you look at the top, bottom, sides and inside of the headache rack. We can do multiple things to customize each of these areas, including light bars, hydraulic tanks, tarp trays, pull-out drawers, lower side boxes and more, just to name a few.

From time to time, we receive an order that pushes the Roll-Up door even farther down the “custom” path, and that’s pretty cool. The main box/compartment size tends to stay pretty much the same, with only the depths changing, but truckers get creative with their accessories and storage areas that they want added in.

A good number of these more “custom” racks catch our eye as they are being prepared for shipping, and we do our best to grab a product tour video of them before they leave the shop. In this week’s video, we put together a number of these racks in a cool two-minute video round-up for you to enjoy, and to hopefully trigger some ideas for you to use on your next headache rack.


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Watch full product tour videos of each headache rack in the video above:

You can watch the full product tour videos of each flat headache rack shown in the video above by visiting our YouTube channel: Click Here >>

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