December 2020 Roll-Up Door Round-Up: 3 CUSTOM Enclosed Headache Racks You’ve GOT TO SEE!

Jan 8, 2021Photos & Videos, Product Tours

December saw a bunch of Custom Roll-Up Door Racks come through the shop. Here’s our three favourites!

We sell a lot of Enclosed Headache Racks with Roll-Up Doors. Customers love the reliability, and the ease and accessability the roll-up door offers.

The Roll-Up Door also has some safety benefits as well; because the door rolls up, it eliminates the risk of being knocked off balance by a swining door. Each roll-up door rack also includes built-in grab handles on each side that runs the full height of the main body of the rack. This handle can be used to assist with climbing up or down from the truck deck, as well as provide a handle to maintain balance as equipment is accessed or replaced.

But beyond the features of our standard headache racks, guys are starting to get creative with their roll-up door racks and we’re loving seeing what they’re coming up with.

This past December, we had three specifically badass ones come through the shop that we were able to snap photos and video of for your viewing pleasure. We’ve compiled them into something we’re calling our “December 2020 Roll-Up Door Round-Up”.

If you’re a fan of the roll-up door rack, or want to learn more about it, you’re going to want to check these suckers out.


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CUSTOM Roll-Up Door Headache Rack: Stainless Steel Light Bar & 50 GAL Hydraulic Tank

This rack looks beautiful in the video, but really does need to be seen to be experienced properly. It’s one hell of a good looking piece. It’s built on a standard Roll-Up Door Headache Rack body, but it’s got some really cool customized features and something new that we’ve never done before.

It’s got stainless steel light bars around nearly the entire perimeter of the rack, including: dime lights down each side, and our standard lighting package up top with chrome bezels as well.

It’s also got a 50 GAL hydraulic tank, which is an exciting new addition to the roll-up door, and something that we’ve been asked to do for a while now. With this rack, we’re proud to say that we’ve got it to work, and the 50 GAL hydraulic tank is now available for the roll-up door racks. YES!

Inside this rack is a set of pull-out drawers. This is a custom addition that replaces the two shelves adjustable-height shelves that we typically put inside of these racks. Another cool feature on the inside of this rack are the interior LEDs, which turn on automatically when the door is opened.

A really cool rack to end 2020 with!


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Satin-Black Roll-Up Door Headache Rack

This rack is more on the standard plane than the other two in this round-up, but what really makes it stand out is it’s satin-black powder coat finish. It’s a bit difficult to tell from the photo, but the finish is a bit shinier than a proper matte black, but less shiny than even a semi-gloss black. It really makes the rack looks premium and maybe even a bit mean (in a good way).

It looks its meanest with the lighting dimmed and the LED light bar turned on. It’s our standard LED light bar kit that we offer for this rack, but the combination with the satin finish is just awesome.

Inside of this rack is our standard roll-up door setup with dual chain racks on each side, and a set of adjustable-height shelves in the centre. However, the interior features of this rack are also painted in the satin black finish and looks really clean!

Great finish choice on this one!


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Customized Roll-Up Door Enclosed Headache Rack

We posted a connect post about this one already, but we think it deserves another share. It’s so bright, and so very cool looking.

It’s equipped with a ton of LED lighting up top, including our standard top light bar package with six 4-inch LEDs and three 2-inch LEDs, and a collection of dime lights above that in the integration tarp tray.

Speaking of the tarp tray, it’s a standard offering for our headache racks and includes tie-down points along its length for cargo securement.

Inside is our standard roll-up door setup: dual chain racks on each side, and a set of adjustable-height shelves in the centre.


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