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Where Can I Find Iconic MetalGear Dealers?

We’re proud to offer our MetalGear truck, transport, and class 1-6 truck storage accessory products to the large, ever-growing market that is North America. Our products are available through multiple dealers and distributors in Canada and the United States.

Please contact us using the form on this page to find the dealer closest to you. Our Canadian and United States distribution centres are listed below.

MetalGear Products

X-Pro Products

Canadian Manufacturing HQ

Iconic MetalGear’s manufacturing headquarters and Canadian distribution centre. Visitors by appointment only.

Iconic MetalGear

1250 Franklin Blvd Unit 3a, Cambridge, ON N1R 8B7

TF: 1.877.890.9142 | LOCAL: 519.624.8209


United States Location

Iconic MetalGear’s United States distribution centre. No visitation. Contact us for more information.

Iconic MetalGear Distribution Centre

2299 Kenmore Ave, Buffalo, NY, 14207

TF: 1.877.890.9142

How Can I Become an Iconic MetalGear Dealer?

We are always on the look out for reputable companies that are interested in distributing our high quality aluminum truck, trailer and class 1-6 truck accessories.

If you would like to apply to be a dealer, please do so VIA the contact form or the information on this page and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Call TOLL FREE: 1.877.890.9142
Call Locally: 519.624.8209

Experience the difference a high quality aluminum storage product makes on your truck.

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