CUSTOM White Enclosed Headache Rack – Product Tour!

Oct 22, 2021Photos & Videos, Product Tours

This one is a large, enclosed, box-style headache rack with a lot of smart storage options built in!

These box style custom headache rack designs for semi trucks come through the shop on a semi-regular basis. They don’t come through as often as some of our other rack designs, but I always take a long look at them when they do. I really like them.

They’re basic in principle, but their “box” design style lends itself to many cool, custom storage capabilities and options that we can build into them. This one has a bunch of doors, a good number of shelves, and a set of chain racks that are accessible from the ground. It’s also got four LED lights, two on each side, that serve as stop, turn and tail lights. These features aren’t unique to this particualr headache rack, but each one uses these features differently, and that’s what I like about them.

It’s cool to see how each trucker sees themselves using the racks, and how they subsequently want the rack designed, and their storage options oriented. These designs are almost often the most flexible – the most fun.

So watch as Jason takes you through the features of another one of these box-style endlosed headache racks. The video is quick, and I know you’ll enjoy it.



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Custom White Enclosed Headache Rack:

This custom enclosed rack has a bunch of smart storage features built into it. Jason does a good job taking you through each of its features in the video above, but we’ve also listed each feature below for your reference – just in case you can’t listen to the video above, or if reading is more your thing.

  • Smooth 1/8-inch thick aluminum body construction.
  • Smooth 1/8-inch thick aluminum doors.
  • White powder coated body.
  • Two red LED lights on each side of the rack with chrome bezels.
  • Side compartments have a shelf in the top, with chain racks below, and a chain deflector in the bottom. Each compartment is accessible from the ground, without the driver having to climb up on the truck deck to access the contents.
  • Main top centre compartment is “open” storage, and perfect for large, bulky items.
  • Two main lower cabinets are included in the front, with two shelves in each.
  • Lockable stainless steel t-handles (all keyed alike).
  • Stainless steel hinges.

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