CUSTOM Stainless Steel & High Gloss Black Big Mouth Step Box: Product Tour!

Mar 26, 2021Photos & Videos, Product Tours

One badass Big Mouth: This is probably the nicest Big Mouth Step Box we’ve ever made.

The Big Mouth Step Box continues to change the semi truck step box game. Orders for traditional step boxes are becoming more and more rare as truckers learn the benefits that the big mouth offers.

For those who are unaware, the Big Mouth step box is a semi truck storage accessory that is designed to mount on the side of the truck frame where space is available. It is, in appearance, almost identical to the standard step box, but with one critial difference: the Big Mouth’s opening is 50% larger than you’ll find on a traditional step box of the same size.

This larger opening required a larger lid, of course. To accomodate this, the lid is all one piece, but it opens upward. This also keeps the door up and out of the way, rather than folded down and in your way while you’re attempting to access items. We took the design a bit further and allowed the door to open far enough that under most conditions it will hold itself open and not fall down on you while you’re accessing items.

The top step is technically in the same place, but is fixed to the door rather than to the top of the body of the box.

We offer these in seven standard sizes ranging from 12 to 36 inches wide, with custom sizes available. Contact us for details on that.

So what makes the Big Mouth step box even better for your semi truck? How about building a custom one like this one? Jason takes you through the features of this beauty in the video below. Enjoy!

Jason does a great job taking you through this custom big mouth semi truck step box in the video above, but we’ll note the features of it below for you as well.

Custom Stainless Steel & High Gloss Black Big Mouth Step Box Features:

  •  1/8-inch thick military/marine-grade aluminum body.
  • 14-gauge 304 stainless steel doors with mirror finish.
  • 14-gauge 304 stainless steel steps with mirror finish and our standard tread pattern design.
  • 50% larger opening than that found on traditional step boxes.
  • Locking stainless steel t-handle.
  • Stainless steel piano hinge.

Want a Big Mouth Step Box like this for your truck?

For more information on this Big Mouth Step Box, or other step boxes, including pricing, pleases contact us VIA the link below.


Learn More or Get Pricing:

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