Custom “Half” Headache Rack/Hydraulic Tank Combo – PRODUCT TOUR!

Sep 4, 2020Photos & Videos, Product Tours

Why is this headache rack “cut off” on one side? Find out why in our latest product tour video!

This headache rack and hydraulic tank combo is significant. It’s significant, not because of some cool feature or accessory that it has, but rather for what it doesn’t have.

This rack has had its right side (or passenger side) removed. Or, to be more clear, the customer asked us to build it this way to accomodate – we assume – a large exahust pipe. So as much fun as it may have been to do, we didn’t just take a torch to it for the sake of a video. It actually does serve a purpose.

Aside from it’s obvious missing side, this is actually a very standard headache rack. Imagine for a second that the passenger side of the headache rack is included. We’d most likely have matched the accessories on the left side with the right side. This actually makes it a standard part number: either #1352, 1356 or 1360 depending on the width you choose; 70, 76 and 86 inches, respectively.

So check out our latest product tour video below as Jason takes you through the features of this unique headache rack in this short one minute thirty-eight second video.

And don’t forget, you can build your own flat/open headache rack using our interactive headache rack builder. It’s fast, easy, and there’s no obligation to buy!



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Custom “Half” Headache Rack/Hydraulic Tank Combo Features:

Our man Jason takes you through the features of the rack in the video, but for those who prefer to read or are not using audio on their device, we’ve listed this rack’s features in the notes below.

  • Checkerplate 1/8-inch thick aluminum construction.
  • Right side (passenger side) of the headache rack not included to avoid existing truck exhaust.
  • 50-Gal hydraulic tank included.
    • Site temp gauge included on the side of the hydraulic tank.
    • Fill and vent included on the top of the tank.
    • Each tank includes four porting options on the bottom so that you can plug into whichever one works best for your application, and helps avoid frame cross members,
  • Jail bar window for rear view preservation.
  • Chain rack on driver’s side (would likely also be on passenger side if this was a “normal” rack.
  • Chain tray on driver’s side (would likely also be on passenger side if this was a “normal” rack.

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