CUSTOM Flat Headache Rack Round Up!

Apr 9, 2021Photos & Videos

We rounded up a bunch of our favourite Flat Headache Rack designs for you and put them in a new video!

The coolest part about our flat/open headache racks for semi trucks is the level of customization we offer. Yes, we have standard options, but what makes us truly different (beyond simply the quality of our products) is our ability to accomodate custom requests – specifically for headache racks.

We’ve had some really cool headache rack designs come through the shop in the last few years, and even more since we launched our interactive, online headache rack builder. There, you can design your own headache rack to suit the needs of your truck and/or business before submitting it for quote from our sales team.

As some of the cooler, more unique semi truck headache racks pass through the shop, we do our best to take video of them in the form of product tours that are eventually uploaded to our YouTube channel. Each video is hosted by our own Jason Hardy, and outlines the features of each rack.

For this flat rack round up, we’ve taken clips from our favourite product tour videos and put them into a music video. This video does a great job of showing the different ways you can build your flat headache rack for your semi truck to suit the needs of your truck or business.

We hope you enjoy this 3 minute video. Crank up the volume!

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Watch full product tour videos of each headache rack in the video above:

You can watch the full product tour videos of each flat headache rack shown in the video above by visiting our YouTube channel: Click Here >>

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