Custom Enclosed Rack/Tank Combo with Cabinets & LED Lights – PRODUCT TOUR!

Aug 6, 2021Announcements

A taller version of a popular enclosed headache rack design, with LED lights, a hydraulic tank, and multiple cabinets.

We’ve made a lot of custom enclosed headache racks since we started building them years ago, and this design has proved to be a popular one ever since we built the first one.

It’s a really cool, smart design – lots of cabinets, including one in a place you may not immediately expect. It’s also got nine bright LED lights, jail bar window, and some other goodies. Even though each rack is a bit different dimensionally, each rack design ends up being pretty much the same each time. Add a hydraulic tank, and you’ve taken an already smart, useful headache rack design for your semi truck, and made it that much better.

In this week’s product tour video, Jason takes you through the features of another one of these headache racks. It’s a slightly taller version, and the finished product is definately a must-see! The video is two and a half minutes, so it’s a quick one this week.



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Custom Enclosed Headache Rack & Hydraulic Tank Combo with LEDs and Cabinets:

In the headache rack product tour video above, Jason takes you through the main features of this headache rack. But, for those who prefer to read the features, we’ve recorded them for you as well below for reference:

  • Smooth 1/8-inch thick aluminum body construction.
    • Slightly taller than we usually make, as per customer’s request.
  • Smooth 1/8-inch thick aluminum doors.
  • Red LED Lights in the main light bar.
  • Smart top compartment with LED lights built into the door.
    • Protector included behind the door to protect the light wiring.
  • Left and right side cabinets each have their own chain racks and chain well.
  • Centre cabinet has an open shelf.
  • Jail bar window located above the centre cabinet is slightly taller than usual to match the customer’s truck’s window.
  • Lower side boxes allow for access to items and storage from the ground, without the need to jump up on to the truck deck.
  • 30 gallon hydraulic tank.
    • We also have 50 and 70 gallon tanks available
  • Stainless steel hinges.
  • Lockable stainless steel t-handles (all keyed alike)

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