Custom Crossbox/B-Pack Toolbox – Product Tour

Jul 9, 2021Photos & Videos, Product Tours

This straight truck toolbox is a clever mix of a B-Pack Toolbox and a Crossbox.

We offer standard cross boxes and b-pack toolboxes, but they don’t always work for every application. Every truck is different, and every business has different needs, so custom is frequently needed.

So, we offer exactly that: custom!

We took our cross box designs and our b-pack designs, and created a hybrid of sorts that would suit this customer’s needs. It sits across the frame, behind the cab like a cross box and a b-pack, and it drops down on each side for extra storage space – just like a b-pack. Storage is possible and accessible from either side of the truck, which is a handy feature of a cross box. Given these features, it’s easy to see how this box is, indeed, a custom version of both.

It’s a hybrid, and we think it’s pretty cool. Jason takes you through the features of these boxes in the short, just under two-minute video below.


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Custom Cross Box/B-Pack Toolboxes:

Jason does a great job describing these boxes in the video above, but we’ve also transcribed the key features below for your reference:

  • Smooth 1/8-inch thick aluminum construction.
  • Custom dimensions, made to customer’s requirements.
  • Lockable, stainless steel whale tail handles.
  • Stainless steel strap hinges and fasteners.
  • Mounting flange – makes mounting quick and easy VIA U-Bolts.
  • Automotive bulb seal around each opening for weather resistance.
  • 2x adjustable shelves in the main compartment. Shelves are adjustable in height in +/- 2-inch increments, and stretch across the main body of the box.

Have questions? Want to order a cross box like this for your truck?

Get in touch with us, we’d love to help!

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