Custom Black Flat Headache Racks – PRODUCT TOUR!

Sep 10, 2021Photos & Videos, Product Tours

Three identical black flat headache racks: Standard design, but with some slick custom features that you’re going to want to see.

It’s almost impossible to walk through the shop here and not see some sort of flat headache rack in production. They’re everywhere. All types, with all sorts of features (usually standard ones) built on to the racks to the customer’s specifications,

But then every once in a while, a custom flat headache rack comes through that deserves some extra attention. The racks in this week’s product are a great example of this. At first glance, these racks appear standard. A closer look, however, reveals a few minor custom changes that the customer wanted to make to make the lives of the truck drivers and service technicians easier.

Jason goes through those features well in the video below. This is definitely one of those times where a video product tour is warranted, as the things that make this rack unique are not all immediately apparent. It’s a pretty quick product tour video this week, too, at about just over two minutes.



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Three Custom Black Flat Headache Racks:

As we mentioned above, Jason takes you through each of the standard and custom features of this custom black flat headache rack in the video, but, as usual, we’ll also record the main features below for reference.

  • Checkerplate 1/8-inch thick aluminum body construction.
  • Black powder coated finish (Semi Gloss).
  • LED Lights in the main light bar.
    • Red and white lights included. Red for brake/turn/signal, and white for reverse and work lighting.
  • “Towel bar” included for the drivers to hang lines off of.
  • Custom removable centre window. Window needed to be removable to provide access to a cooling unit that will be between the truck’s cab and this headache rack when the unit needs service.
  • Standard chain racks
  • Standard split chain trays
  • Open storage centre cabinet below the window,
  • U-Bolt kit will be used on this rack
  • Additional grab handles shipped loose for the customer to install later (per requst).
  • Lighting combined into a single pigtail that comes out the back of the rack for easy wiring.
    • Wires protected through the aluminum with a rubber grommet.

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