CUSTOM Angled Face Enclosed Headache Rack: Red w/ Mirror Finish Stainless Steel Doors Product Tour!

May 7, 2021Photos & Videos, Product Tours

When you add custom options to an already beautiful headache rack, good things tend to happen.

The standard angled face enclosed headache rack with stainless steel doors (P#1340) is already a beautiful looking enclosed headache rack for semi trucks. The combination of stainless steel and the extra dimension that the angled face gives is leaves it’s beauty second to none in our standard product fleet.

And then truckers come along like this customer, who wanted to take the standard angled face enclosed rack to the next level by adding some additional custom items.

We were happy to oblige.

Needless to say the custom items added to this headache rack really do take the rack to another level of cool and beauty. I won’t get too far into the custom items he added here, I’ll let the video below do that, but it is certainly a must see if you like red, mirror stainless, and lights.

You’ll notice that there’s no narration from our man Jason this week, though, just an awesome musical track. He decided to let the rack to the talking in this under two-minute video showing all of the features found on this angled face enclosed headache rack with stainless steel doors!


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Red Angled Face Enclosed Headache Rack with Stainless Steel Doors Features:

The video above shows each of the features of the rack quite well, but, as usual, we’ve also recorded them below for your reference.

  • Smooth 1/8-inch thick military/marine-grade aluminum construction.
    • Red powder coating on rack body
  • Top light bar with LED dime lights and mirror-finish stainless steel “skin”.
  • Middle wide LED work light/light bar
  • Standard LED light bar with chrome bezels at the top of the headache rack body. Includes mirror-finish stainless steel skin.
  • Jail bar window for vision out of the truck’s rear window when installed.
  • 14-gauge, non-directional mirror-finish stainless steel doors.
    • Lockable stainless steel t-handles on doors. 2 on large doors, 1 on smaller door.
    • Stainless steel hinges.
    • Automotive bulb seal and rain gutter design around door openings for water resistance.
  • Left and right side cabinet interiors include a shelf up top with chain racks below, and a chain well at the bottom.
  • Centre cabinet includes two shelves.
  • Flush mount design allows the rack to sit low on the truck frame fora sleek design.
    • Bottom panel includes a stainless steel skin.

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