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Oct 29, 2021Photos & Videos

We post Semi Truck Headache Racks and other storage products to our Instagram account pretty much every day of the work week. Check out some of our most popular posts with pictures you’ve got to see!

We’ve been posting on Instagram for a few years now, posting as many photos of our semi truck headache racks and storage products as possible. Over time, there’s been some photos of products that have appealed to more people than others. In general, headache racks tend to be our most liked accessory, and that makes sense. They’re probably one of the more aestheic products that me make – especially custom ones.

We’re still plugging away at building our Instagram following, and we probably will be for the forseeable future (never stop building!). As Instagram continues to be adopted by the trucking industry, we expect our account to follow suit.

We’ll continue to post some of the newest and coolest photos and videos that come through the shop, or into our e-mails from customers. Make sure you follow us to stay up to date.

With that in mind, we’d love it if you’d visit our Instagram Profile and follow us!

Check our our list below of our most liked photos from the last 30 days below.


5. Custom Enclosed Rack/Tank Combo – 30 GAL Tank

4. Smooth Aluminum Rack/Tank Combo with Strobe Light Bracket

3. Custom Black Rack/Tank Combo with 50 GAL Tank, Stainless Steel Doors, and LED Lights

2. Custom Red Angled Face Aluminum Headache Rack with Stainless Steel Doors & Skin

1. Angled Face Stainless Steel Headache Rack with Side Trim and Custom Dime Light Light Bar Bracket

Are you following us on Instagram? Want to order your next headache rack?

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