Breaking Down the Roll-Up Door Enclosed Headache Rack for Semi Trucks

Jun 4, 2021Photos & Videos, Product Tours, Announcements

Our Roll-Up Door Enclosed Headache Racks for Semi Trucks continue to be one of our most popular headache racks here at Iconic MetalGear.

In this week’s Connect blog post, we’ll explore the standard features of the Roll-Up Door Enclosed Headache Rack, and find out what makes them one of our most popular enclosed headache racks for semi trucks.

Perhaps the best way to start is by showing you what’s possible, and what we’ve already done. Check out this recap video we made recently showing off some of the different Roll-Up Door Enclosed Headache Racks we’ve made so far.

Now that you’re done dreaming and lusting over some of our recent designs, let’s dive into the core features of this popular enclosed headache rack…

Military-Grade Aluminum Body

Roll-Up Door Headache Rack

The entire body of the roll-up door enclosed headache rack is built from military/marine-grade aluminum, at a minimum thickness of .125″ (1/8″).

This enables us to make an incredibly strong enclosed headache rack design, without adding a significant amount of weight. Our design simulation software estimates the weight of our standard roll-up door racks at 263lbs to 311lbs depending on the depth you choose. When we’re talking about semi trucks, that amount of weight might as well be no weight at all.

The Roll-Up Door

Roll-Up Door Headache Rack

The Roll-Up Door is, obviously, the reason for this enclosed headache rack’s name. The door rolls up. Simple. You can open and close it easily with one hand.

But the benefits go beyond just rolling up. The door itself is aluminum with an anodized finish. Again, aluminum is light weight and the anodized finish gives it an additional layer of protection to hold up in even the toughest conditions. Between each “slat” in the door are rubber gaskets that help keep the elements out as well.

Additionally, unlike traditional doors that swing outward, the roll up door does exactly what it says: it rolls up. It rolls up inside the top of the rack.

No swinging doors.

No swinging means that the user can avoid getting knocked off balance (or worse off the truck deck) while opening the door. The roll-up door also cannot be caught by wind, causing unexpected door swings resulting in the same dangers. The very design of this door drastically improves the safety of everyone who uses it.

Full-Height Aluminum Grab Handles

Roll-Up Door Enclosed Headache Rack for Semi Trucks

Each standard version of the roll-up door headache rack includes full-height grab handles down each side (can be removed or not included by request). These handy handles make climbing up on and down from the truck deck easier, and can help maintain balance while on the truck deck, or if you’re leaning into the rack to grab awkward items.

These handles really make accessing the rack’s interior easier altogether, which translates into safer all-round use day-to-day.

Interior Storage Features

Each standard Roll-Up Door Enclosed Headache Rack includes dual chain racks on the driver and passenger side of the rack. The chain racks are offset with the top sticking out further than the one below. This is to allow users to store more chains and binders than they’d be able to if the chain racks were simply stacked.

In the centre of each roll-up door headache rack interior is a set of two adjustable height shelves. Heights are easily adjusted using basic tools, and can be moved up or town in two-inch increments.


The interior of these racks are fairly customizable, and you can choose from our list of options to customize the rack to the specific needs of your truck or business.

These items include, but are not limited to: additional adjustable shelves, additional chain racks, interior LED lighting, interior cabinets, pull-out drawers and more.

Exterior Features & Add-ons

Roll-Up Door Enclosed Headache Rack for Semi Trucks LED Light Interior

We offer a number of different options for the exterior of these roll-up door racks that you can use to customize the rack as needed or as you see fit.

Standard options for this include a dime light LED bar, a tarp tray, or a combination of the two.


We’ve also done a myriad of custom exterior options for customers as well. These included, but are not limited to: LED light bars, light brackets, additional compartments (top and bottom), hydraulic tanks, and more.

See some of the custom enclosed roll-up door racks we’ve made for truckers below.

The Best Part? These racks work as good as they look.

You won’t be disappointed with your Roll-Up Door Enclosed Headache Rack for your semi truck. Get in touch with our sales team today, and let’s talk about getting one set up for the needs of your truck and business.

Each rack is packed with features, both internal and external that are continuing to make it one of our best selling items – and for good reason!

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