Big Mouth Step Box With Custom Stainless Steel Lid

Nov 14, 2019Photos & Videos, Product Tours

This Big Mouth Semi Truck Step Box has a little extra bling!

Truckers are always looking for ways to get their truck to stand out and turn heads on the highway. This trucker decided to add his “extra somethin'” to his Big Mouth Step Box, and you’ve got to see how awesome it looks!

Watch as Jason takes you through the box in a quick 1 minute video below. We’ll break down some of the features below the video as well, including some photos.

The Big Mouth Step Box in the video above is a slightly customized version of our standard Big Mouth Step Box. Standard Big Mouth Step Boxes are made from 100% 1/8″ thick military/marine grade aluminum, with an option for either a smooth or checkerplate lid. For this one, the customer wanted a mirror-finish lid, and it really stands out!

We’ll outline some of it’s features below:

Customized Big Mouth Step Box Features:

Mirror-finish Stainless Steel Lid

The mirror finish stainless steel lid is what makes this Big Mouth Step Box custom, and also what makes it stand out. 

100% Aluminum Body:

As with most of our Class 8 semi truck storage accessory product line, our Big Mouth Step Box bodies are built from 1/8″ (.125″) thick Military/Marine grade aluminum. This enables us to create a strong, durable toolbox, without adding a significant amount of weight.

50% Larger Opening:

Traditional step boxes feature smaller openings, which can make storing and accessing tools cumbersome and a pain in the ass. The Big Mouth’s 50% larger opening opens up the top of the tool box significantly, allowing you to store and access more tools, more easily.

High Quality Automotive Bulb Seal:

The box features the same high-quality, automotive bulb seal found on our other semi truck storage accessories. This makes the step toolbox very weather resistant, and it stands up extremely well after miles of highway driving in all types of conditions.

Custom Steps:

New for 2019 are our custom steps. Previous versions of of step box steps provided an immense amount of grip, but were a bit hard on boots and shoes. This year, we’ve developed our own step design that is just as grippy as previous versions, but is also easier on your boots or shoes. They just look nicer, too!

Stainless Steel Hardware:

Stainless steel, durable piano hinges and a tough pad-lockable t-handle complete this toolbox. We choose only the most durable hardware to help prolong the life of your toolbox.


For more information on this Big Mouth Step Box, or other step boxes, including pricing, pleases contact us VIA the link below.


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