Angled Face Stainless Steel Enclosed Headache Rack with PURPLE LIGHTS! – Product Tour

May 21, 2021Photos & Videos, Product Tours

All of our Angled Face Stainless Steel Enclosed Headache Racks look amazing, but the lights on this one take it to another level.

We’ve pushed a lot of angled face stainless steel enclsoed headache racks through the shop since we first rolled them out a few years ago. Since then, the racks that have left the shop have almost universally had either red or white (or a combination of the two) lights installed.

This time, the customer wanted something a little different: They wanted purple lights on their rack. We used the Dual Revolution lights from Trux Accessories to make it happen.

We’re assuming that the purple will either match or compliment their truck, and that the purple lights will be used at truck shows, or other “off-the-road” activities. For on the road, the lights can be changed for road use – so it’s form and function this time around.

Either way, the addition of a cool new colour was neat to see as it passed through the shop. Jason was able to pull it aside from a quick video before we shipped it off to the customer. Check it out in one of our latest product tour videos below. Enjoy!

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Custom Angled Face Enclosed Headache Rack with Purple Lights:

This rack is essentially a standard angled face stainless steel rack (P#1340/1341), and Jason does a great job of taking you through the features of this particular rack in the video above. But, like usual, we’ll list the features below for reference.

  • Smooth 1/8-inch thick military/marine-grade aluminum construction.
  • 14-Gauge mirror finish stainless steel doors and skin.
  • Purple LED “Dual Revolution” lights from Trux Accessories.
  • Angled stainless steel side trim.
    • Purple LED dime lights down each side as well.
  • Angled edges on each door to match the overall design of the rack.
  • Dual whale tail handles on each door – lockable and keyed alike.
  • Rack mounts flush to the truck deck for a sleek look.
  • Internal LED lighting included on this rack.
  • Driver and passenger-side interiors have chain hangers with a shelf included above.
  • Center compartment interior includes two adjustable height shelves, adjustable +/- two-inch increments.
  • Stainless steel hardware, including door handles, hinges, and fasteners.
  • Weighs approximately 500lbs (maybe less).

Have questions? Want an angled face stainless steel enclosed headache rack like this for your truck?

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