9 Stainless Steel Headache Racks You’re Going to Want on Your Truck

Aug 30, 2019Photos & Videos

We’ve got nine photos of stainless steel semi truck headache racks that you’re going to want on your truck

I challenge you to find someone who doesn’t love some mirror finish stainless steel, especially on their semi trucks. One of the most impactful accessories that you can buy for your truck is your headache rack, so it’s no surprise that truckers are choosing mirror stainless for their headache rack’s doors, if not the entire rack body. These stainless steel headache racks stand out, and compliment the other chrome accessories on the truck.

We offer two mirror stainless steel headache racks as standard products, and also as optional accessories on our enclosed headache racks, which you can customize to fit the needs of your truck and/or business.

Below are nine headache racks we made for customers that we know you will want on your truck once you’ve seen them!

1. Robinson Farms’ Twin Monster Racks

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When the guys are Robinson farms send photos of their trucks and headache racks, we pay attention. About a year or so ago, they ordered two of our Monster Rack headache racks that are almost completely finished in mirror stainless steel, and put them on two beautiful matching purple rigs. These aren’t show just trucks though. These trucks work hard and are put to the test day-in and day out.

These racks feature a custom light bar on top, clear LED lights on top of the box itself, two fold up top compartments, three closet compartments in the centre and two ground-access side boxes on the bottom. If you look closely, these racks also include 30 gallon hydraulic tanks, making them not only one of the most badass headache racks we’ve ever made, but one more the badass hydraulic tank/headache rack combos that we’ve ever made.

2. Monster Rack with Large Fold-Up Cabinet

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Another Monster Rack makes this list, but this one is slightly different than the Robinson farms version. This rack includes it’s own custom strobe light bar up top, with a mix of red and clear LED lights. Another key difference here is that the top compartment is one big flip up door, rather than two seperate flip up doors. This creates a somewhat cleaner look up top, with the X-pattern door detailing becoming even more impactful. A standard three cabinet door rack is included below this compartment for plenty of storage options on the road.

3. The Lifted Life Monster Rack

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If you’re a fan of trucking shows on television, then you’ve likely already heard of Lifted Life TV. We built this version of our Monster Rack specifically for the truck that they were building on this show. It’s the same box design as the one we did for Robinson Farms, but this one does not include a strobe light bar, has red LEDs up top, no lower ground-access side boxes, and has a clean look that really compliments the rest of the truck, which has been heavily customized.

4. The Black & Mirror Stainless Beauty

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If you are a fan of our social media (Facebook or Instagram) pages, then you’ve almost certainly seen this one before. We build this for a Facebook fan who saw some of the racks we’d made previously and wanted to get one for himself. Instead of opting for the full stainless look, he opted to have the rack body painted black and the x-pattern doors in stainless steel. When the rack is outside, the reflection creates a level of contrast that just makes the rack pop. It’s beautiful.

Strobe light bar up top, six large clear LED lights with chrome bezels, three small red LED lights, full-width top compartment, three centre compartments and two lower side boxes that you can access from the ground make up this rack.

5. The LED Lover’s Rack

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The owner of this headache rack loves himself some LED lights, and it’s obvious that he wanted as many of them as possible. This rack features no less than 16 pill LED lights on top, 10 dime LED lights on each side, and two 2 turn signal lights on each side as well. This totals 40 LED lights on this rack alone. The truck this rack is installed on is a day cab, so vision out the back window was important. With that in mind, we built the rack around the window which enabled us to have one compartment on each side of the window, and three lower cabinets below. This rack is a perfect example of how we can build racks for maximum impact that can still be a useful workhorse during day to day use.

6. The Stainless Steel Jailbar Rack/Tank Combo

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This rack was build custom especially for this truck, and was one of the first enclosed headache rack/hydraulic tank combos that we’d made at the time. Featuring a lightbar on top with four large red LED lights, two large clear LED lights, five smaller centre red LEDs, this rack compliments the red truck very well. As with the previous rack in this list, vision out the back window of the truck was important, so we included a jailbar window that sits between two side compartments, and above a centre compartment.

On the bottom of the headache rack are two lower side boxes that are accessible from the ground, and (not pictured) is a 30 gallon hydraulic tank that fits between the legs of the rack.

7. Red Enclosed Rack With Stainless Steel Doors

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This headache rack is a customized variation of our existing standard enclosed stainless steel headache rack (part number 1315). The customer wanted a red rack to match the colour of their truck, and used the three stainless steel compartments for maximum visual impact. Though not as large as some of the other racks in this list, this rack stands out because of the clever use of colour versus stainless steel, and the impact that the contrast creates. This rack also includes nine LED lights with chrome bezels, and a strobe light bar.

8. The New Standard “Curved” Stainless Steel Rack

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We’ve build many custom racks before, but we hadn’t done something with a curved face before. In the photo above is the first version of this rack (customized slightly after we shipped it) that you guys liked so much we’ve made it a standard product. The curved face and X-pattern combination looks incredible, and is made even more impactful by it’s 25 LED lights. This rack can be ordered with or without the jailbar window as well.

This is, in our opinion, the most badass looking standard product we offer to date.

9. The 1315

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The 1315 is the original stainless steel headache rack. We’ve had this available for a while now, and was intended to be an attractive, attainable stainless alternative of our standard enclosed headache racks. This rack has clean, modern lines that really stands out on any truck that it’s installed on. It is chosen by many because it doesn’t have quite the price tag that a larger fully custom stainless racks come with. If you want to add some extra bling to this rack, we have a LED light bar option as well.


Stainless steel continues to be a favourite among truckers, especially ones who want a fully custom headache rack for their truck. They carry maximum visual impact, while maintaining the strength and durability that our products are known for during day-to-day use. These aren’t just for play or for show; they’re for work, too.

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