6 Awesome Ways to Add Mirror Stainless Steel to Your Truck

May 8, 2020Announcements

Truckers are always looking for ways to add more chrome to their trucks. So, we thought we’d help by adding some mirror stainless steel to our storage accessory products.

Many of the semi truck toolboxes, headache racks, and other storage options we build serve more than just their storage purpose. Often times, truckers use our accessories to add some extra “bling” to their trucks. Headache racks are an excellent example of this, and to date we’ve produced many of them. Too many to count, honestly.

But headache racks are not the only way to add some shine to your truck. We’ve built many of our products to include stainless steel doors, and we’ll show them off below. Some of them were our ideas, some were our customer’s ideas. Either way, they’re badass and in a lot of cases, more attainable than you might think.

Contact us for a quote and we’ll help you get started. Until then, enjoy the list below…

1. Custom Enclosed Headache Racks

Get a custom enclosed headache rack >>

Admittedly, this is one of our favourite ways to put some shine into our products. These fully custom stainless steel headache racks really pack a visual punch on trucks.

Most of the time the mirror stainless is on the doors only, and the body is either “raw aluminum” or powder coated. In other cases, like with our Monster Rack, we add stainless steel “skins” that we apply on top of the aluminum body to create a fully stainless steel appearance.

2. Standard Stainless Steel Headache Racks

Get a standard stainless steel headache rack >>

In an effort to get more stainless steel into the hands (and on the trucks) of more people, we’ve made two stainless steel headache rack designs standard. This makes getting a stainless steel rack for your truck more affordable and faster, since we’ve already got the design done. Available in a “flat” and “curved” style, chances are that there’s a standard stainless steel rack that fits your truck and budget.

We’re also trying to GIVE ONE AWAY! Click here to learn more >>

3. Big Mouth Step Box Lids

Big Mouth Step Box With Stainless Steel Lid

Get a Big Mouth Step Box with Stainless Steel Lid >>

This one’s newer to our lineup, and it’s undeniably slick. Our Big Mouth Step Box’s 50% larger opening is covered be an equally as large lid. Making this lid mirror stainless steel looks incredible, and is a really cool and clever way to add some shine to the side of your truck.

If you haven’t looked into the Big Mouth Step Box yet, you’ll be blown away by the size of the opening, as well as the ease of storage and accessibility it provides. The mirror stainless door just takes it to the next level!

4. Cam-Lock Underbody Box Doors

Underbody box with Stainless Steel Doors

Get A Cam-Lock Box With Stainless Steel Doors >>

Cam-lock underbody boxes with stainless steel doors may be a bit less common leaving our shop they they used to be, but they still look really cool and we wanted to share. They’re a really cool way to add some pop or extra shine to the side of your straight truck or trailer.

5. Cross Box Doors

Stainless steel cross box doors

Get a Cross Box with Stainless Steel Doors >>

Want a way to make your straight truck stand out? Adding mirror stainless steel doors to your cross box may be a great way to do that. This is also a less common option for us, but is something that looks really nice installed on trucks.

6. Boot/Logger Box Lids

Stainless steel boot/logger box lid

Contact a boot box with stianless steel lid >>

This one is usually paired with a headache rack that has some stainless steel on it as well. Since the boot/logger box fits between the legs of our headache racks, they can be that extra final touch of chrome (mirror stainless) that not only looks awesome, but adds an extra storage option to your truck deck.


Stainless steel continues to be a favourite among many truckers, especially ones who want a custom look for their truck. They carry maximum visual impact, while maintaining the strength and durability that our products are known for during day-to-day use. These aren’t just for play or for show; they’re for work, too.

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