5 of our Most Popular Headache Rack Designs

Aug 28, 2020Announcements

We’ve been building headache racks for about 10 years now. Since then, a bunch of our designs have really taken off in popularity. Here’s a look at five of them below.

10 years on, we’ve built a headache rack of almost every type. Every truck, every business, and every driver is different; and they all have different wants and needs. At Iconic, we do our best to accomodate each need with the storage solutions we provide.

Doing this, we end up making multiple types of headache racks of all sorts of sizes, configurations, and finishes.

Whatever the design, the base of each rack is the same. We use a minimum 1/8″ thick 6061 military/marine-grade aluminum for the body of every headache rack we produce. This enables us to make headache racks that are both strong, and lightweight. Each one includes stainless steel hardware, including your selection of lockable door handles, and gas shocks where applicable.

Some include LED lights (we’ve got a standard light package but we don’t hold anyone to only that), and some include some stainless.

But, many of them follow the same basic designs. Five of which are among our most popular, and we’ve outlined them below in no particular order.


1. Roll-Up Door Headache Racks

Roll-Up Door Headache Rack

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The core feature of these Roll-Up Door headache racks is in the rack’s name itself: the roll-up door. Each roll-up door racks includes a headache rack that spans the full-width and, most often, nearly the full height of the main body of the rack.

Beacuse the door opens so wide, users get full access to everything inside the rack just by opening the one door, which can easily be opened and closed with just one hand. Because the rack’s door rolls up, it doesn’t swing open. And, the door does not get caught in the wind to swing open and knock the user off balance while standing on the truck deck.

The rack body also includes full-height grab bars to assist with climbing up to and down from the truck deck.

Each standard rack includes one chain rack per side, and two adjustable-height shelves in the middle. Shelves can be moved up or down +/- 2-inch increments. More of these can be added as required.

Also available as standard accessories is a tarp tray, and a dime light bar. We also offer customzied versions of these racks, and we’ve sold a bunch of them, too.

2. The Angled Face Enclosed Stainless Steel Rack

Angled Face Stainless Steel Headache Rack

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Potentially one of the most eye-catching headache racks in this list is the angled face stainless steel enclosed headache rack. Like the roll-up door rack, it’s main features are in it’s name.

It has a beautiful angled face, it’s an enclosed-style rack, and there’s an abundance of stainless steel.

It’s got 14-gauge mirror-finish, non-directional stainless steel doors. And the aluminum body is clad with a mirror stainless steel skin as well. This gives the rack an almost entirely stainless steel appearance, and it looks incredible when installed.

Standard, these racks have chain racks on each side, with a shelf above each chain rack. In the centre you find two adjustable shelves, also adjustable +/- 2-inch increments.

There are a myriad of lighting options available here, including our standard lighting package, side lighting, and dime light options. We suggest contacting us for more information on these.

While the overall design of these more or less stays the same, the dimensions change frequently depending on the sizes required by the owner.

3. Three Door Enclosed with Clever Top Compartment

Enclosed Headache Rack with Top Compartment

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Interestingly enough, this concept was brought up as a custom request by one of our customers. This customer had limited storage space on his truck, so he wanted a headache rack that would maximize the amount of storage space we could give him based on his maximum dimensions.

He also wanted LED lights, a hydraulic tank, and a jail bar window to preserve his back window view. This took the conventional 3-door headache rack and stood it on it’s head.

So, we created this rack. The top compartment is what makes this rack so cool – the entire front face of the top compartment is actually a door with the lights included. On the left and right sides are, typically, chain racks. Below the (optional) jail bar window is often an open cabinet. The hydraulic tank sits between the headache rack’s legs, just below the centre cabinet.

Beside the tank are two lower side boxes. These allow for extra storage that is also accessible from the ground without having to climb up on the truck deck. They serve as very handy compartments for storing commonly-used items.

4. 3-Door Enclosed Headache Racks

3-Door Enclosed Headache Rack

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The three-door enclosed headache rack concept is not a new one. It’s been around for, essentailly, as long as enclosed headache racks have been made.

And it makes sense; they’re a great way to store and organize tools in a water-resistant way that is attractive, and very customizable.

We’ve done many different versions of these. Some with a jail bar window above the centre cabinet, some with a full-height centre cabinet. Some have two lower compartment with one larger full-width one above. Some have doors on the bottom of each side, and some of these even have drawers that pull out from the inside.

Typically, in the left and right cabinets we have chain racks on each side. When there’s a full-height centre cabinet, we most often have 2 of our adjustable height shelves (adjustable up and down +/- two inch increments). These racks also include a deep well in the bottom of each compartment for extra storage. We can also put dividers in this area as required for extra organization, and to stop items from moving around more than necessary.

4. Flat Racks with Cabinets & Light Bars

Headache Rack Centre Cabinet and Chain Racks

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Our flat racks come in more configurations than we can mention in this post. In fact, to truly appreciate all of the options available to you, we recommend checking out our headache rack builder. There, you can build your headache rack with the features and accessories that best fit your truck and/or business.

An overwhelming number of racks created on the builder that become orders include some combination of cabinets and light bars. You can place cabinets on either side of the rack, in the centre, and on the bottom of each side to be accessed from the ground.

Inside the cabinets you can choose from chain racks, open storage, shelves, and occasionaly even drawers.

For light bars, we’ve got a lot of optons for these, too. We offer load lights, our standard light package, and even a custom backlit text lightbar. With the custom backlit text light bar, you can have your name, handle, business name, truck name, or whatever you want illuminated on the top of your headache rack in the font of your choice. It’s a feature you’ve got to see, so check out our rack builder today.

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