4 Videos We Found (That We Didn’t Make) Featuring Our Semi Truck Storage Products

Nov 20, 2020Photos & Videos

We were browsing the web and stumbled across these great videos featuring some of our semi truck accessories – check them out!

It’s a pretty cool feeling for us to stumble across videos made by others that feature our products. It’s cool to know that they like our semi truck storage products enough to include them in their video – even if they’re just there as a utilitarian part of their truck, or doing a product demonstration of our products for their own marketing tactics.

Still, we are proud to be able to play a part in something that they like so much.

We grabbed a few different ones we found recently and figured we’d put them here for you to take a look at. We encourage you to subscribe to each of their channels as well to see what they post on a regular basis.

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Okay, enough from us. Enjoy these videos we found featuring our semi truck storage accessories, in no particular order!

The Lead Pedal Podcast – NewTrans Show Truck

This video is done by the guys at The Lead Pedal Podcast, a podcast for truckers and the trucking industry. Each week they do a “Featured Truck of the Week”, and a week ago they featured the NewTrans show truck. This truck has the first angled-face stainless steel headache rack we ever made, and you get a really good view of it in this video.

Monster Rack Install Video

This is something cool that we don’t often get to see first hand. It’s a time lapse video by the TrucknTour, another accont affiliated with The Lifted Life TV Show on Amazon Prime, of the crew installing one of our Monster Rack Headache Racks onto their 2019 International Lonestar. So cool!

Big Rig Chrome Shop’s Big Mouth Product Tour

Scott from Big Rig Chrome Shop takes you through the features of our Big Mouth Step Boxes, as well as our mounting brackets. He goes into great detail, and it’s definately worth a watch.

Rush Truck Center Colorado Springs (Peterbilt SoCo) Peterbilt 389 Truck Tour

This is not only a great truck tour, but Justin of Peterbilt SoCo does a great job of taking you through some of the features of our Big Mouth Step Box and our Headache Rack and Hydraulic Tank Combo that they put on the truck as well. It’s a great video, and they’ve got a great channel – definately worth a look!

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