4 of our Favourite Customized Roll-Up Door Headache Racks (So Far!)

Mar 6, 2020Announcements

Sometimes standard just doesn’t cut it! Here’s 4 of our favourite customized roll-up door racks that we’ve made… so far!


The Roll-Up Door Enclosed Headache Rack continues to build steam as one of our most popularly purchased headache racks. The more we sell, the more we get asked for customized versions of the standard product.

The standard roll-up door rack includes a durable anodized aluminum roll-up door (the same as you’ll find on EMS vehicles across North America), a full-height aluminum grab handle, strong yet lightweight aluminum construction, I-beam feet for mounting, and a pair of shelves and chain hangers.

We’ve done a number of customized versions of these racks now, and we’ve picked four of our favourites below. For each, we won’t list the entirety of the features of the the racks, just the ways that they’re different from the standard product we just mentioned.

So here we go! Here’s four of our favourite customized Roll-Up Door Enclosed Headache Racks, in no particular order.

1. Black Roll-Up Door Rack with Light Bar and Hydraulic Tank

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This rack just looks badass as a package. The interior of the rack is standard, but the addition of the 30 gallon hydraulic tank, customized light bar, and strobe light bar are customized additions.

It’s also been powder coated black, giving it it’s badass, almost formidable appearance. This one was a favourite among a lot of us at the shop.

2. Blue Roll-Up Door Rack with Centre Cabinet and Tarp Compartment

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This headache rack is really cool. It was custom powder coated blue by the customer to match his truck, and features a large tarp compartment on top that’s much different from the tarp trays that we usually make for cutomers.

Inside the rack you’ll find the standard dual chain hangers on the left and right side, but in the centre, the customer wanted an enclosure to store his blankets so we obliged with a clever compartment that you’ll want to see in the video.

This one’s beautiful, and looks really nice on the customer’s truck!

3. Roll-Up Door Rack with Light Bar Compartment

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This rack is probably the most recently made customized Roll-Up Door Headache Racks in this list, and it looks pretty sweet. The customer saw another enclosed rack we’d made with a clever top compartment with LED lights installed on the door, but wanted the roll-up door for his truck, so we combined them!

The result is this cool headache rack. The “main rack” itself is standard, but the top compartment is what really makes this rack stand out. It turned out really, really well.

Roll-Up Door Rack with Hydraulic Tank & Light Bar

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This one is almost an exact carbon copy of the black rack that we started with above, just without the black powder coating.

However, we wanted to make sure we included it because it’s just such a good combination of accessibility, LED lights, and the hydraulic tank. Also, we’re torn on whether or not we like the “raw aluminum” finish or the powder coated finish better. What do you think!?

Get yourself a roll-up door rack, or customize one for your truck!

Our sales team is ready for your e-mails or calls. Let’s get you the perfect headache rack for your truck. If standard doesn’t work for you, we can customized most of our product line to make it work for you.

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